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Hello! I'm Kara.  

The Snug Rug Company was born from a love of comfort, family, and the innovative products that my family discovered while living in Asia. After spending a decade overseas and raising two young children, we fell in love with the Momomi Japan product - a unique and comfortable rug made with exclusive High Elastic PuffySpongeTM technology. Almost everyone we knew had one, and we quickly came to appreciate the comfort and durability that these rugs offered. 

After moving back to the UK in 2022, I knew that we wanted to share this wonderful product with other families and bring the Momomi rug to the UK market. After working closely with Momomi Japan, The Snug Rug Company was created - a new brand that would offer the same quality product to the UK market. I'm passionate about sharing this innovative product with other families in the UK and wanted to create a brand that embodies the values of comfort, quality, and family.
I hope you love your Snug Rug as much as we do!

Kara x